Landscaping and Landscape Design

While landscaping for curb appeal focuses on just the landscape design elements, every aspect on the front of your home should be considered. Maybe you need to replace that rusty mail box for example.

Home landscaping should be looked upon as an adventure. Perhaps your curb appeal projects are small and easy to do. Or you have some big projects to tackle. 1-800-Curb-Appeal is your landscaping partner. We are here to help with all your Landscaping Illinois needs large and small.

Our Materials

Landscapers USA uses only the best materials from unlock or pavelock for your landscape project. We work with several local nurseries in Illinois and Wisconsin to provide you with the best combination of quality and price.

Our Pricing

Everyone wants to know how much it will cost for the project they have in mind. But not everyone knows how to figure what costs are involved. The professional team at Landscapers USA will be glad to give you a free estimate, but sometimes you just want to know a ball park figure so you know if you can afford to hire a professional or if you should plan to do it yourself. The following are the current “going rates” for the various types of hardscape projects. All you have to do is estimate the size of your project and multiply that by the following prices and you’ll have your “ball park price” of the project.

Design and/or consultation …………….$35/hr.

Concrete Removal………………………..$2.50/sq.ft.

Patios (materials & labor)……………………..$10-$16/sq.ft.

Retaining Walls (materials & labor)………….$20-$30/sq.face ft.

Walkways (materials & labor)…………………$12-$18/sq.ft.

Keep in mind that your project could be priced higher or lower depending on the specifics of it . You could also save some costs if you do some of the work yourself.


At Landscapers USA we work closely with our customers to design and implement the perfect plan to fulfill their landscaping dreams while also staying within their budget. We will consult with you on the best materials and installations to meet your needs. We have over 10 years of hands-on experience so we know what to look for in designing, building or installing your perfect outdoor landscaping project. We work quickly and efficiently while always maintaining our high quality standards.

Landscapers USA specializes in quality landscape and brick paving services for townhome, commercial and residential properties.

Here’s a list of the custom services we provide:

Brick paving and retaining walls

  • consultation and design
  • patios
  • driveways
  • walks
  • pool surrounds
  • natural stone installation

Townhome properties and commercial properties

  • brick pavers and retaining walls
  • snow plowing
  • complete landscaping maintenance
  • complete landscaping installation

Complete landscaping

  • landscape design
  • planting of all landscaping
  • landscaping consultation
  • pond & waterfall design and installation
  • lighting design and installation

Complete maintenance

  • natural trimming and pruning of trees and shrubs
  • fertilizing and weed control
  • lawn maintenance
  • aeration
  • mulching
  • dethacing
  • spring/fall cleanup
  • sod installation/ removal

We also offer a wide variety of rental equipment including mini-excavators and mini-loader backhoes, skid steer loaders, tractors and bulldozers. Also we rent vibratory plate compactors, retaining wall block and paver splitters, etc.