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We are the leading landscape gardeners in Miami, Florida and we have on offer a wide range of affordable and high-quality landscaping services.

All our pavers and landscapers are experienced tradesmen who will use their skill and expertise to ensure that your paving is finished to the highest standards. We have a wide range of top quality fencing in a range of materials that will suit all tastes and budgets.

All materials, accessories and products used in our fencing and by our pavers are all of the highest quality and are sourced from the leading manufacturers and suppliers of landscaping products.

Landscapers USA can offer you a complete soft and hard landscaping service. Working closely with you the client, from initial consultation & project brief through to design & construction, we will ensure that your garden is what you imagined it to be.

We have been leading landscapers in the USA for a number of years now and in that time we have built up an excellent reputation for the quality of our work and the reliability of our service.

Our Specialization

Landscapers USA specializes in Brick Patio and landscaping installation for commercial and residential locations. Landscapers USA is committed to providing professional and customer-oriented landscaping services to you and giving you the best value for your dollar. Chances are, we’ve done work around your area.

We are Landscapers USA … providing professional services for all your commercial and residential landscaping needs. So call us now (630-307-611) and get your best garden.

The Hardscape Creations Team

Our team of quality installers has been working together for over 6 years in the greater Lansing area. We are a group of friends that enjoy each others company, and our work reflects that. HARDSCAPES are our specialty. We feel there is nothing that we can’t do, but there are just some things that we enjoy more.

Flexible scheduling on project installations, if you prefer we can do the install when you’re at work during the week, you will arrive at home with the job complete and the jobsite clean. Weekend installs are common, and this allows the customer the opportunity to give some input. We are service oriented and strive for your complete satisfaction.

We offer free estimates for all projects. If you are not exactly sure what you want to have done, design and consultation services are available. We can take your project from the idea stage to completely finished, or anything in between.

Illinois Landscape Design & Installation

Our Illinois landscape design services range from planting of seasonal color, delivering and applying premium hardwood mulch, redefining plant beds to installation and/or removal of shrubs and trees – possibly a complete make-over of specific areas or the entire yard. We stand ready to work with you or your designer to get the job done.

Illinois Tree Service and Removal
We encourage our clients to keep their trees but in some cases a particular tree must be removed. Removing a tree is a significant change to your landscaping. Our Illinois tree service crews are experienced with difficult removals. Tree limbs will be lowered by ropes when needed to have minimum affect to your landscape.

Tree trunks will be picked up with a log loader or will be carted by hand off your property. Before we leave your property we will rake and use a blower to clean off any affected areas.

Aeration Services for a Healthier Lawn

While aeration is beneficial for many lawns, it isn’t appropriate for every situation. Here are some guidelines to determine if your lawn needs to be aerated:

• When the soil is compacted
• When the thatch layer is more than 1″ thick
• If you’re going to over seed your lawn. Aeration exposes soil and provides better seed-to-soil contact needed for good seed establishment.

If you think your lawn may not be ideal, it may be because the soil is compacted or has excess thatch buildup. Give us a call (630-307-6114) and we can give you a free estimate on aerating your lawn that will improve these troubling conditions.